Top on the list of the "affordable cars" category is the Honda Civic. With a low MSRP, Honda Civic is one of the most affordable new car options on the market today. Every thing about the Honda Civic and it's counterparts, the Civic Hybrid and the Civic SI ranks high in review scores from news organizations like US News to consumer studies to people who live in our surrounding areas like Portland, Beaverton and Hillsboro.

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Small enough to fit nicely in the tiniest condo garages (think about all those great new condo developments in Northwest district of Portland or the lofts and co-ops in the downtown Portland area) to the tight parking lots of Portland State University or the campus of University of Oregon, you've got a compact car that fits anywhere you choose to live or go to school. Professionals with long daily commutes or occupations that keep you on the road for many miles, will really appreciate the overall performance and interior comforts for a very low price. To get a quick check on a price through McMinnville Honda, just click here and you'll go to a form that takes just a minute to fill out (and that's if you're typing slow!) and someone will provide our lowest price right away. No hassle, just an easy start to a wonderful buying experience.

The Civic's combination of quality and great looks are what make it one of the most popular commuter vehicles. Edmunds even says that you can't do better for a reliable and enjoyable small car than the 2011 Honda Civic. Let's look at some specifics. The interior features futuristic gauges and dash, complete with a telescopic steering column that tilts for your needs and comfort. The seats are snug, contoured and comfortable with the Honda Civic Sedan providing a little more legroom in the backseat...about 4 inches more. With the Honda Civic, it's all about choice with the trim packages. The base Honda Civic is going to provide you with the rock bottom price and value but moving up to DX-VP trim, provides MP3 input jack, full audio system and air conditioning. Continuing to move up through trim levels gets you cruise control, leather wrapped steering wheels, optional navigation systems, power windows and locks.

The Honda Civic EX, Civic EX-L and SI trims are always in high demand at McMinnville Honda, which is one reason we can offer some of the lowest pricing available. Check our selection now to see what's in stock but please make a note that we continually are adding brand new Civic Coupes and Sedans and do many special, custom orders for our customers as well. If you wonder about cargo space, the Civic Sedan has 12 cubic feet plus lots of personal and extra know, all those little cubbies and pockets. Remember too that the EX, EX-L and the Si have the folding back seats too allowing more room and options for storage. The Coupe has just a bit less, a 1/2 foot less of cubic feet for a total of 11.5 feet. If lots of cargo space is a big priority, you'll definitely want to check out a Honda Fit and it's "magic seat" which gives you even more cargo arrangement options.

The Honda Civic models (except the Si) are outfitted with a 140 horsepower engine. The 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder provides 127 pound feet of torque as well. If you choose a manual transmission, you'll add to your fun plus pocket $800 in savings over an automatic. For gas mileage you can expect around 26 MPG in the city driving around McMinnville and Portland and up to 36 MPG out on the highways and Interstate 5. The Civic Si is pumped up to a 2.0 liter, 197 horsepower engine and still does nicely with 29 MPG out on the highway. Talk to one of our salespeople or any of our staff about a Honda Civic...they are as passionate as you are and ready to help. Here's our staff page to "meet them" before you get to our dealership.

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