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Honda Care® Coverage

Listed below is a sample of Honda Care's extensive component coverage. Honda Care exclusionary coverage is the best type of coverage available at any price. Exclusionary coverage, commonly referred to a "bumper-to-bumper" coverage, covers every part and component on your Honda, unless it is specifically excluded. This means that if your door handle breaks and door handle is not listed as excluded, then it is covered.

Honda Care exclusions include, but are not limited to, body parts, tires, maintenance items, glass, upholstery, trim, carpeting and ornamentation.

Important Honda Care information - what is not covered by Honda Care®

Parts other than HONDA Genuine or AMERICAN HONDA authorized parts; wiper blades; battery (except for the nickel-metal hydride battery in hybrid VEHICLES); cables; steering wheel; belts; radiator hoses; heater hoses and vacuum hoses; spark plugs; plug wires; distributor cap and rotor; timing belt replacement when performed as routine maintenance; exhaust system; head pipes; tailpipes; catalytic converter; mufflers; hangars; heat shields; gaskets (except for the manifold block gasket) and related fastening hardware; fuel tank straps; fuel hoses; brake system wear items such as drums/rotors or shoes/pads; clutch disc; clutch pressure plate; throw out bearing; external shift linkages; pilot bearing/bushing; glass; mirror glass; body parts; body structure (except for hood hinges, trunk hinges, door hinges and sliding door rollers); hood; fenders; doors; rear hatch; trunk lid; grille; panels; bright metal; sheet metal; paint (except for covered hinges painted to match the original VEHICLE color only); bumpers; moldings; lenses; bezels; bulbs (except for instrument panel illumination bulbs); High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) headlamps; sealed beams; fuses; body seals; weather-strips (except for window sash and window run channels); outside ornamentation; emblems; tires; valve stems; wheels; wheel covers/ornaments; rims; trim rings; caps; wheel studs; lug nuts; wheel locks; fastening/securing hardware for non-covered components; stripped or cross threaded fasteners (e.g., nuts, bolts, studs, screws, etc.); body seals; squeaks; rattles; buttons; carpet; dash pad; console; window handles; knobs; boots; pedals; pads; rearview mirror (except for electronic failure of the auto-dimming mirror); interior trim; upholstery; floor mats; electronic/audio accessories and cellular telephones other than AMERICAN HONDA AUTHORIZED ELECTRONIC/AUDIO ACCESSORIES/NAVIGATIONAL; DVD ENTERTAINMENT AND SECURITY SYSTEMS; Safety Restraint System fastening hardware; seat belts and airbag(s) deployed due to collision. If YOU believe there is a defect in these parts, please contact YOUR DEALER immediately.

While every effort has been made to provide a complete listing of covered and non-covered parts, this information is intended to provide an overview of coverages. Actual contract coverages, limitations and exclusions may vary. Actual Honda Care contract coverages, limitations and exclusions may vary. See the Honda Care sample contract for full details. © American Honda Finance Corporation